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What our patients have to say...

Dr Demko is fantastic. I spent over a year get x-rays, MRI's, cortisone shots, physical therapy and more with no progress. A few visits with Dr Demko made a huge difference for my hip pain. He's very accessible and committed to eliminating pain without drugs. I highly recommend Dr Demko. - Steve

This team is amazing. Their expertise, knowledge, experience and the care they take to really understand the source of your pain is exemplary. Dr. Demko’s treatment plan has me on an unbelievable road to recovery. Thank you so much to this outstanding team! -Jerry

Dr. Jeff Demko has helped me so much over the years with back, hip, and leg issues. Dr. Demko helps me with my pain and teaches me exercises to help myself. He and his NP Robyn are amazing healers. I highly recommend both of them for any pain issues. -Mary

Jeff Demko treats patients in a very different and revolutionary way. He is brilliant in knowing how the human body works and can get you feeling better fast! And, on top of it all he's a great person and supportive of his community.  -Christy

I've had wrist pain since July. Initially thought it was a bad sprain but started to lean toward possibly broken after no improvement after 3 months. They've been great, pain is completely gone. - Michael

Dr. Demko and his staff were absolutely outstanding. -Scott

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