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Biote Hormone Replacement Therapy

Biote pellets are derived from natural plant-based ingredients. They are formulated in specialized 503B compounding pharmacies and possess the exact hormonal structure of the human hormone testosterone and estradiol. These pellets, once implanted, secrete hormones in tiny amounts into the bloodstream constantly. No other form of hormone delivery, whether injections, gels, sprays, creams, or patches can produce the consistent blood level of hormones that pellets can. Pellet therapy is the only method of hormone therapy that gives sustained and consistent hormone levels throughout the day, without a “roller coaster” effect. Other forms of hormone replacement therapy simply cannot deliver such steady hormone levels. The dosages are individualized by Robyn Mulvihill for the patient taking into consideration his/her current and past medical history as well as prior experience with other forms of therapy, current medications, etc. No other form of therapy has unique dosages which can be tailored to each individual patient to suit his/her special needs.


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