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About The Demko Clinic

Our providers have expertise in diagnosing and treating complex and persistent pain conditions to find the most effective solution for you.  Our goal is to reduce your pain, improve your function, and restore your quality of life.

We know living with pain makes life difficult. That is why you can expect a friendly and caring staff who will develop a personalized treatment plan that is compassionate and comprehensive. Our staff will explain each step in the decision making process so you know exactly what to expect.


Dr. Jeff Demko has applied his extensive studies in biomechanics and rehabilitation to move beyond traditional chiropractic manipulation and develop a method of resolving mechanical joint and muscle pain with no manipulation or extensive exercise.

Dr. Demko’s method evaluates muscle function in different planes of motion considering all synergistic and antagonistic muscle groups. Muscle function can be returned to normal by stimulation of proprioceptive mechanisms. Once normal muscle function has been regained, a brief stretching/strengthening regiment is utilized.

The method consistently shows greater than 75% percent success rate in spinal and joint function in an average of six to ten visits, with no manipulation. It is particularly useful for patients who have chronic pain of unknown etiology, and failed physical therapy response

Patients are more involved in their treatment than conventional methods, which improves the speed and completion of the corrective timeframe. The technique is based on a combination of anatomy and physics. The evaluation of muscle, its innervation and relationships with other muscles based on muscular and neuro-anatomy, the physics of lever arm mechanics and the transfer of forces in various planes of motion are involved. Small, incremental movements create a neurological connection between the central nervous system and the muscle. Patients are given simple, quick exercises to perform that maintain the corrective action. As a result, patients receive true resolution to their issues.

Dr. Demko’s practice method has proven beneficial to both the patients and their medical practitioners. He works with patients referred by local family physicians, pain management specialists, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, gynecologists and physical therapists.

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