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Toning and sculpting 
by. Anew Health, LLC

We know that weight loss can impact many areas of life from a general sense of feeling well to physical well-being to emotional confidence. Our Toning and sculpting packages allow you to get comfortable with the skin you are in, in a safe natural way.   

Toning and Sculpting package

Using a combination of capsules and injections, this program works to help increase energy expenditure, improve insulin sensitivity, and reduce inflammation.


Lipolean is a combination of agents that have been shown to aid in the breakdown of body fat by aiding metabolism and insulin sensitivity. 


A consistent exercise and food plan helps to ensure optimal results.  

The Body Comp Plus package

For people looking for a more aggressive weight loss, this may be the option for you.  In addition to the injections, this package includes fat loss cream and Sermorelin, a peptide known to aid in burning fat, increasing lean muscle, improving hormonal balance, enhancing energy, and boosting the immune system.   

With this program, you may also enjoy a better night's sleep, less daytime fatigue, enhanced mental clarity, and improved skin elasticity, tone, and texture. 

All programs are most effective with a consistent exercise and food plan.

We know weight loss and maintenance can be a challenge.  You don't have to do it alone.  There are times our body simply needs a bit of help.  

 Location & Contact Info

810 Michael Drive

Suite E

Chesterton, IN  46350

Phone 219-921-2095  Fax 219-533-4014

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